Men's Shooting Fleeces

A quality fleece is unparalleled in versatility, enduring through numerous seasons as either a cozy mid-layer or a standalone jacket during milder weather. All Seeland fleeces prioritize comfort and practicality, featuring a range of styles and designs to suit various climatic conditions. These shooting and outdoor fleeces become indispensable allies for any shooting or outdoor endeavor, delivering exceptional comfort, warmth, and breathability.

In the warmer months, they serve admirably as an outer layer. As the weather cools, our fleeces shine as a mid-layer, adding a crucial layer of warmth and protection. Combine them with your preferred Seeland jacket for a robust defense against the cold and rain, ensuring your comfort amidst challenging weather conditions.

Our selection offers an extensive array of fleeces designed specifically for shooting and outdoor activities. Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we provide fleeces that incorporate advanced fabric technologies for enhanced warmth without the bulk, ensuring mobility and flexibility are never compromised.

Our shooting fleeces are equipped with features such as reinforced shoulders for durability, high collars to shield against the wind, and elasticated hems and cuffs for a snug fit. Whether you're lying in wait, moving through the underbrush, or tracking game, our fleeces are crafted to support your pursuit under any conditions. With options ranging from lightweight pullovers to heavy-duty, insulated models, our collection caters to every shooter's preference and the unpredictable British weather, making them perfect for year-round use in the field, on the range, or during casual outdoor activities.