Men’s Shooting Clothing

Embark on an extensive journey through our specialized hunting and shooting clothing, and gear designed for various hunting and outdoor activities.

Whether you're navigating dense terrain, perched in a high seat, or engaging in bird shooting or driven hunts, our diverse selection of shooting clothing has you prepared. We offer specialized gear tailored to different hunting styles and weather conditions, all crafted from durable materials with technical features for comfort and success.

Among our most popular categories are men's hunting jackets, offering versatility for active hunts, insulation for winter, and multipurpose functionality as well as classic styles for bird shooting. Choose from waterproof, windproof, and breathable options, including lightweight designs for warmer months. Our collection caters to every season and terrain, ensuring you're equipped for any adventure.

Explore our assortment of men's shooting pants and trousers, ranging from traditional to camouflaged options with InVis Technology. Designed for comfort, durability, and waterproof functionality, they complement various hunting styles. Additionally, our range of outdoor pants offers versatility for hunting and outdoor activities, ensuring optimal performance in diverse environments.

Stay dry with our SEETEX® Membrane technology, providing waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection tailored to hunters' needs. Certified for up to 10,000/10,000 water column pressure and breathability, it ensures reliability in challenging conditions.

Conceal yourself with our InVis® camouflage technology, a versatile design incorporated into our hunting jackets, pants, vests, and fleeces. Inspired by how the brain interprets surroundings and based on scientific data on animals' perception of shapes and colors, our unique Seeland camouflage enhances your stealth in the field.

Factors to consider when choosing shooting clothing

When choosing shooting clothing, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice. Firstly, consider what specific activities you will be using your shooting clothing for. The Seeland selection of shooting clothing is wide, and offers specialized shooting clothing for all different types of hunting.

Another important factor is what weather conditions you will be using it in. If you often hunt in hot or humid environments, opt for lightweight and breathable materials that allow for airflow and moisture evaporation. On the other hand, if you frequently shoot in colder climates, layering your clothing can help you stay warm without sacrificing mobility.