Whether embarking on a shoot, a hike, or conducting repairs in the hide – our trousers are your shield against the elements and the rugged terrain, allowing you to concentrate fully on your task.

Discover our wide array of high-performance men's shooting trousers and breeks, where the fusion of comfort, durability, and practicality enhances your hunting/shooting activities and ensures your concealment from the game.

Our range features a variety of shooting trousers and breeks, including our traditional shooting trousers and those adorned with our proprietary ®InVis Camouflage Technology. This collection boasts an assortment of membrane trousers that are completely waterproof, crafted with our robust ®Seetex membrane for both water resistance and breathability.

Beyond our shooting-specific trousers, we present a broad selection of outdoor trousers perfect for any adventure. Whether it's hiking, camping, exploring the great outdoors, or gamekeeping, our outdoor trousers offer the essential comfort, durability, and adaptability to facilitate your journey.


Our diverse collection of shooting trousers is designed to meet the distinct demands of various shooting activities:

Hunting trousers for stalking

Tailored for the rifle shooter who prefers stealth, we offer trousers designed for silent movement and optimal camouflage. Choose trousers that provide exceptional breathability alongside our waterproof SEETEX® membrane. Our trousers are specifically cut for activity, featuring an external shell for protection without added insulation. We recommend the 3-layer principle, incorporating a base layer and a fleece, allowing for versatile use through different seasons.

Hunting trousers for Bird Shooting

Seeland's trousers for bird shooting cater to shooters seeking modern technology and features within a traditional design. This attention to detail ensures you benefit from the latest functionalities while preserving the timeless look of shooting attire.

Hunting trousers for High Seating

For shooters who endure hours in high seats, waiting for the ideal opportunity, the importance of comfort and warmth cannot be overstated. Our trousers for high seating are specially crafted to offer additional insulation and protection from the weather, keeping you warm and comfortable during extended periods of inactivity.

Explore our extensive selection of shooting trousers and find the perfect pair of men's shooting trousers or breeks tailored to your unique shooting and outdoor preferences. Our collection is engineered to support your passion for shooting and the outdoors, blending cutting-edge technology with classic styles for unparalleled quality.