The Seeland mission

Aiming for a more sustainable future

Seeland's Path Towards more sustainability

Welcome to Seeland, where the wilderness is our inspiration and the thrill of the hunt is our driving force. At Seeland, our commitment to being socially responsible aligns perfectly with our core values of being Authentic, Exploring and Uniting.

Authentic: We take pride in delivering genuine, high-quality hunting gear that honors both you and the environment. Our commitment to authenticity and being more sustainable is reflected in our PFAS-free products, ensuring that our gear is as safe for nature as it is effective for your hunts.

Exploring: Embracing the wild means taking responsibility for its preservation. Our mission is to provide gear that enhances your hunting experience, is made from ethically sourced, traceable materials and is built to last.

Uniting: We are committed to bringing together hunters who value and wish to preserve our rich hunting heritage. By participating in more sustainable practices, you help safeguard this tradition for future generations to experience and enjoy.


At Seeland, we're all about embracing the outdoors while being kind to it. We're super picky about the chemicals we use because we want to keep nature as pristine as possible. All our products being manufactured from 2024 are now PFAS-free.

Your part in this green adventure

By choosing Seeland, you're not just getting great gear; you're becoming part of a community that values craftsmanship and embraces responsible choices. We're committed, we're excited, and we're ready to embark on this journey with you. Let's gear up, step out and ensure we leave the great outdoors better than we found it.

Chemicals? Only the good stuff:

We follow REACH to the letter to make sure we're using chemicals that are safe for humans and nature. One major chemical we have chosen to avoid in all our products being manufactured is PFAS, man-made chemicals that repel water, grease and dirt. These chemicals don’t break down over time and can contaminate our natural resources. All Seeland products now being produced are PFAS-free.

Understanding our origins

We're on a mission to trace every material back to its source. Our aim? To ensure that every decision we make is as ethical as possible. This stems from our commitment to using materials that are sourced with integrity. Every choice we make is guided by our respect for the natural world and we will continue to monitor our choices and be on the lookout for better solutions.

Quality gear, without the fast-fashion fuss

Our gear isn't just tough; it's built to last through countless hunts. We focus on creating durable, high-quality products with classic designs. A look through our previous season styles reveals a consistent, timeless design that remains unchanged year after year – that’s what happens when you get it right the first time around.

Continued Efforts

While there is always more to do, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and society. We invite you to read our Code of Conduct to learn more about our sustainable practices and partnerships.