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How to look after your Seeland products


Cotton is hardwearing and easy to care for.

To preserve the colour of a cotton shirt, it should be washed inside out or placed in a pillowcase in the washing machine. You should ensure that all buttons are fastened to help the shirt keep its shape.

For best results, iron the shirt while it is still damp. If the shirt is dry when you come to iron it, it is a good idea to spray it with water or use a steam iron.

Always follow the instructions on the washing label.


Fleece garments should be washed inside out. This extends the life of the garment considerably.

Wash at 30-40°C and spin gently.

For the best result, fleece garments should be air-dried. Avoid tumble-drying or use the lowest possible temperature.

Fleece garments should never be ironed, steam-cleaned, pressed or dry-cleaned since this may melt the material. Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners.

Always follow the instructions on the washing label.


Wool is a natural material with many unique qualities. Colour and shape are best preserved by following these few recommendations.

Wash in cold water or use the wool programme on the washing machine. Never use biological detergents.

A good alternative to washing is to air the woollen garment, since wool is naturally self-cleaning.

Always follow the instructions on the washing label.


Seeland garments with a waterproof and breathable Seetex membrane can be washed at 40°C with a gentle spin.

Close all zips and do up all straps before washing, and avoid powder detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers and whitening products, since these impair the functionality and performance of the membrane.

Seeland garments with a Seetex membrane must be air-dried or tumble-dried at low temperature. Once the outer shell is dry, the garment can be tumble-dried for a further 20 minutes to preserve the water-repellent effect (DWR coating).


Clean footwear with lukewarm water and a brush.

Footwear should be air-dried at room temperature and must always dry standing upright. Alternatively, use a boot drier. Never dry footwear with direct heat such as sunlight, a radiator or a stove.

Seeland rubber boots are handmade from natural rubber. We recommend regular use of Rubber Care, which cleans, prevents the rubber cracking and protects against UV damage.

All Seeland rubber boots are treated to prevent drying out. This means that new boots may sometimes feel greasy and appear shiny. This is a normal characteristic of high-quality rubber and is a natural, harmless process. The boots' shiny appearance can be easily removed using a dry cloth.