SEETEX® Membrane

Windproof. Waterproof. Breathable.

Having the right gear is a first step on the path towards venturing into the wild without limitations.

Our own SEETEX® Membrane technology is developed to perfectly suit the requirements of a hunter.

A membrane developed for the outdoor industry will often not be suitable for hunting purposes. It lacks the stretch you need when shooting and it creates noise when you are on the move.
That's why we have developed our own membrane technology - to provide our clothing with a high quality membrane that has all the technical features needed for the demands of a succesful hunt!

Scroll down below, and read more about why our SEETEX® Membrane is among the very best!

Windproof, Waterproof, Breathable – Simple as That.

SEETEX® Membrane

Our membrane technology ensures that tiny water vapor particles can escape while keeping out larger liquid water molecules. SEETEX® is certified up to 10.000/10.000 water column pressure and breathability.

Out on a shoot or when stalking the game, you can’t escape the moods of the weather. SEETEX® protects you from the wind and is rated 10,000/10,000 for waterproofing and breathability.

This means that the membrane will withstand the pressure of a 10,000 mm water column while allowing 10,000 grams of water vapor to escape per square meter per 24 hours.

In other words, SEETEX® keeps you dry and comfortable in any weather.

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