Hunting clothes for women

Explore our extensive collection of hunting clothes for women, tailored to the unique needs of female hunters, that we believe are essential. Our clothes are stylish and functional, making it suitable for all terrains. We also have a range of apparel and accessories designed to empower women in the field, always prioritizing durability.

Among our most popular categories in female hunting clothing include jackets, pants, and accessories.

Our women’s hunting jackets ensure you are comfortable and protected in all weather conditions during your hunting expeditions. They are crafted from the best high-performance materials, providing superior insulation, breathability and water resistance. Whether you want to blend in with our camouflaged patterns for the ultimate stealth hunting or stand out in vibrant designs, our collections will surely cater to your preferences.

At Seeland, we also offer women’s hunting pants designed for ultimate flexibility and durability. No matter the environment you’re in, our pants provide you with freedom of movement, and durability and guarantee you stay comfortable during your hunts. Our outdoor pants offer the same high quality, ensuring you’re well-equipped for other outdoor activities.

Common for all our waterproof hunting jackets and pants is that they feature our own waterproof, windproof, and breathable SEETEX® Membrane technology that is certified up to 10.000/10.000 water column pressure and breathability.

Sieze the hunt with our own InVis® camouflage technology. InVis® Camouflage is our own unique camouflage design made in collaboration with world-renowned camo expert, Guy Cramer. InVis® is a multipurpose camouflage pattern based on how the brain interprets the surroundings. This unique camouflage is made of fractals which are repeating shapes found in nature, making it the perfect all-round camouflage for the northern hemisphere.

At Seeland, we provide the best gear for female hunters, proudly embracing our motto: "For women, by women." Whether you’re a seasoned huntress or just starting your exciting hunting journey, our collection is designed to meet your needs.