Men's Hunting Jackets.

Active or highseat, rifle or shotgun, insulated or shell – you need a jacket that works for your type of hunting. Whether you need a chest pocket for your GPS when stalking or large pockets for your shotgun shells, choose the hunting jacket made for your type of hunting.

Discover our selection of both versatile and specialized men's hunting jackets for all types of hunting. Our collection of hunting jackets is designed to provide ultimate comfort and protection for your next hunting adventure. Choose from our range of waterproof, windproof, and breathable hunting jackets to conquer any weather conditions you will face during your next hunt.

You can confidently take on any hunting environment with our range of waterproof, windproof, and breathable hunting jackets featuring our own Seetex® membrane and InVis® camouflage technology.

Whether you’re looking for a warm insulated jacket made for the coldest winter hunts or a lightweight and super breathable hunting jacket for the warmer months, we’re sure we have just the right match!

Are you looking for a hunting jacket for bird shooting, stalking, or sitting in a high seat?

Not all hunts are the same - just like not all jackets are the same. Before you start hunting for the perfect jacket, it's important to first identify the specific needs you have for your gear.

Seeland’s range jackets for bird shooting are made for the active bird hunter who wants all the modern technologies and features in a classic style. This attention to detail gives you the modern features you need while still honoring the traditions of the hunting outfit.

For the active rifle hunter who likes to stalk the game, we offer a selection of jackets designed to help you move quietly with the right camouflage coverage. Choose a jacket that offers high breathability with a waterproof SEETEX® membrane. Our active fitted jackets offer outer shell protection without insulation, so we recommend you use the 3-layer principle and include a base layer and a fleece. With these layers, you will be able to use your jacket during numerous seasons.

High seat hunting often demands the same needs as mentioned above – however, there's a great focus on a jacket that offers a good amount of insulation to keep you warm as you sit still for hours and wait. Seeland jackets made with high-quality Thinsulate™ insulation help you stay in the game. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself cold and wet in a high seat.

All Seeland hunting jackets are crafted with strategically placed pockets and ample storage options for carrying essentials and cartridges with quick access. All jackets are crafted from durable materials that withstand rugged terrain and frequent use in inclement weather, ensuring longevity and reliability for all types of hunts.