Men's hunting Clothing and Gear

Explore an extensive range of specialized hunting clothing and gear for all hunting and outdoor activities. Whether you’re stalking through dense terrain, sitting in a high seat, attending driven hunts, or bird shooting, our diverse selection of hunting clothes has you covered. We have specialized gear for all types of hunting and weather scenarios. All are designed with durable materials to provide all the technical and functional features you need for a comfortable and successful hunt.

Among our most popular categories are men’s hunting jackets, a versatile range of jackets, including specialized jackets for active hunts, insulated jackets for cold winter hunts, and versatile multi-purpose jackets that will keep you covered in most scenarios. Besides hunting jackets for stalking and driven hunts, we also offer a wide range of classic hunting jackets for bird shooting. Our range of men’s hunting jackets offers waterproof, windproof, and breathable options, as well as light and highly breathable jackets made for the warmer months -we have hunting jackets catering to every season and terrain.

We also offer a diverse range of men’s hunting pants and trousers ranging from traditional styles to camouflaged options with InVis Technology. Our assorted collection ensures comfort, durability, and waterproof functionality. Besides regular hunting pants, we also have our popular range of outdoor pants for diverse adventures, providing comfort and durability - all working equally well for hunting and outdoor activities.
Stay dry with our own SEETEX® Membrane technology – a waterproof, windproof, and breathable membrane we have developed to suit the unique requirements of hunters. SEETEX® is certified up to 10.000/10.000 water column pressure and breathability.

Stay hidden with our own InVis® camouflage technology – a multipurpose design used on our camouflaged hunting jackets, pants, vests, and fleeces. This unique Seeland camouflage is based on how the brain interprets the surroundings, scientific data, and studies on how animals perceive shapes and color.