Men's Hunting Pants and Breeks

Hunting, hiking or repairing the hide – trousers cover you for the weather and the terrain so that you can focus on the task at hand.

See our extensive collection of high-performance men's hunting pants and breeks, where comfort, durability, and functionality combine to elevate your hunting experience and keep you hidden from the game.

Our selection of hunting pants and breeks includes our line of traditional hunting pants, and camouflaged hunting pants using our own ®InVis Camouflage Technology. Our collection of hunting pants includes lots of membrane hunting pants that are fully waterproof, using our own durable ®Seetex membrane that is waterproof and breathable.

In addition to our specialized hunting pants, we also offer a diverse range of outdoor pants suitable for your next outdoor adventures. Whether you're going on a hike, camping, exploring the outdoors or gamekeeping, our outdoor pants deliver the needed comfort, durability and versatility to support your adventure.

Hunting Pants for All Types of Hunting

To cater to the specific needs of different hunting activities, our collection of hunting pants includes options for each specific type of hunting:

Hunting Pants for Stalking

For the active rifle hunter who prefers to stalk the game, we provide a range of pants crafted to assist you in moving silently with optimal camouflage. Opt for pants that deliver superior breathability paired with our waterproof SEETEX® membrane. Our actively tailored pants provide external shell protection without insulation. Hence, we suggest employing the 3-layer principle, incorporating a base layer and a fleece. This approach enables you to adapt your pants for use across multiple seasons effectively.

Hunting Pants for Bird Hunting
Seeland's collection of pants for bird hunting is designed for the active bird hunter seeking all the latest technologies and features within a traditional style. This focus on detail ensures you receive the contemporary functionalities required, all while maintaining the classic aesthetics of the hunting attire.

Hunting pants for High Seating

For the hunter who spends hours in high seats, waiting patiently for the perfect shot, comfort and warmth are paramount. Our hunting pants for high seating are specially designed to provide extra insulation and protection against the elements, ensuring you remain warm and comfortable during those long, stationary periods.

Explore our comprehensive range of pants for hunting and discover the perfect pair of men's hunting pants or breeks that meet your specific hunting and outdoor needs. Our collection is designed to support your passion for hunting and the outdoors, combining innovative technology with traditional styles to offer the best.